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Nov 8, 2012
@ 11:32 am

The bar lights went down, the Kings of Leon cranked up, and Iguodala laid in the ball to give Denver a 103-92 lead. I turned on my phone and started scrolling through the tweets. Amid all the noise was one isolated moment of sanity: “Tonight was the first time since his rookie year Hasheem Thabeet has reached double-figures and only the fourth time in his entire career.” What a feeling, to witness history.

— A pretty funny story of trying to watch basketball instead of the election on Tuesday …

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Jun 12, 2012
@ 3:49 pm

Oklahoma City: According to the City Walk website — which conveniently offers options for both high- and low-bandwidth users — the 30,000-square-foot behemoth is Oklahoma City’s “Premiere Multi-Club Complex.” OK, whatever, but we’re enthusiastic about the fancy spelling of “Premiere.” Apparently there are seven areas, including one with dueling pianos. But on Yelp, reviewer Rc W. raised questions about the quality of the women, calling them “bottle blonds with outdated skanky clothing and cake makeup who spraytan so much that they look like freaking Oompa Loompas.” And Mike Miller will be very disappointed when he learns the dueling instruments are not banjos.

Amazing. Grantland compares Miami nightlife to Oklahoma City nightlife.

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